Magic Pearl

For around ten years, MAGIC PEARL powder has proved to be a reliable and non-aggressive prophylaxis powder. The polishing effect of the grains provides gentle effective cleansing. Today, we have improved MAGIC PEARL yet further.

Micro-beads 50 to 60um
Non-abrasive mechanical tooth cleaning

Respect for the enamel
Enamel protection, tested in a professional laboratory.

Prophylactic and gum disease treatments

pH Stabilisation
Reduces oral acidity, neutralises pH within 10 days.

Significant increase in whiteness.

Limits gingival haemorrhages
Significant coagulant effect, especially in the gums during subgingival treatment.

Developed and tested by dentists.
Magic Pearl powder has spherical grains which safely eliminate stains, biofilm and tartar without causing a risk to the tooth enamel and gums. Its calcium-carbonate based composition helps to minimise cleaning of your air polisher.

Approved by European and international standards.
The powder reduces the acidity of oral fluids and prevents the development of bacteria by impeding the formation of biofilm. This product is ideal for treating the teeth of patients sensitive to sodium bicarbonate or who suffer from high blood pressure.

Non-abrasive, non-invasive.
The very low hardness* of the CaCO3 particle is less than the hardness of the dentine, so it does not damage the enamel while the hardness of other powders (NaHCO3) has an abrasive effect on the tooth surface.

*Source: Friedrich Mohs’ scale (1-10) measuring the hardness of minerals